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      Automatic screw lock machine, automatic soldering machine, non-standard automatic equipment, industrial robot application, automatic production 
line, intelligent robot, automatic equipment manufacturer, automatic assembly equipment, non-standard automatic equipment manufacturer, automatic paste machine.-DongGuan MSA Intellingent Technology Co.,LTD



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      Welcome to DongGuan MSA Intellingent Technology Co.,LTD official website!

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      DongGuan MSA Intellingent Technology Co.,LTD
      Contact: Mr. Cai
      Contact: Mr. Zhang
      Add:1st Floor, Yunding Technology Innovation Park, No. 22, Farm Industry Road, Dalingshan Town, Dongguan City

      Prosperity Automated four core strengths

      10 years dedicated to automation equipment manufacturers to produce customization · reduce labor and cost savings · expert on-site technical training

      10 years experience in automation products

      10 professional R & D and production of automation equipment, automatic assembly equipment products, was VTech, East Poly Electronics, Lite-On Group and other large factories, providing professional production

      Using well-known brand original accessories

      All the original products are used in Japan, NOK, SMC
      Wells and other well-known brands at home and abroad to ensure that your product's long-term stability
      We will provide free warranty service.

      Specialized equipment R & D technical team

      Has a group of exquisite non-standard automation equipment R & D team and industry experienced high-quality talent, and hired Taiwan technical adviser long-term dominant design

      Efficient professional service system

      Free to do the program, free trial results, free trial production, free technical support. All need to install, commission the products are arranged for professional technical staff on-site installation
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      Door mugs intelligent equipmen


      Door mugs intelligent equipmen


      Door mugs intelligent equipmen


      Door Carpenter's intelligent e


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      DongGuan MSA Intellingent Technology Co.,LTD

      The door bearer is the bearer of the "craftsman spirit",
              In 2007, it was built in the world-famous electronics manufacturing capital, the world factory - Dongguan. Located in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, the manufacturing automation equipment development and use of the centralized, operating for many years to develop a variety of practical automation equipment for customers, such as multi-axis automatic soldering machine, locking screw machine, automatic manipulator handling equipment and a variety of functional testing and assembly equipment. In 2010, to ensure the timeliness and quality control of equipment development, the company set up a machining department, equipped with a number of precision equipment and technical backbone personnel, with the further construction and development of automation. In 2015, in response to the call for vigorous development of industry 4.0, in line with the spirit of manufacturing 2025 in China, to build a large-scale craftsman enterprise, relying on the incubator's various resources, with a view to excellence, vigorous development, to provide customers with better and more direct upgrade services of intelligent equipment

      manufacturing strength

      Dynamic prosperity

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